Icon-painting shop

Here you can find all the materials you need for painting icons. We sell materials that we use for our own icons.

We pay close attention to the quality of our paint brushes, which are made to order in Novosibirsk. Each brush is perfect, without stray fibres. We also sell plain oval paint brushes, which are necessary for roskrish, which means painting the main tones.

We also offer unique paints - organic pigments from Greece. The grinding of the paints is very fine, so you don't need to mill them. All the colors are sun fast, and they don't change under varnish.We also have all the necessary tools for leaf gilding: pads, knives, glues and so on. These tools are highly effective - the knives don't tear gold leaves, but cut them gently, and the pads, made from genuine chamois, are long lasting.

Some iconographers make primer by themselves, and for this we offer skins, glue, chalk and marble aggregate in our shop. We also can offer you master classes on primer application.

We have a large variety of boards and icon-cases (we also can make an icon case to your special order).

All cases are made from hard, solid wood.

We also sell books with teaching materials written by our teachers. They'll help you in this blessed work.

The shop also has shellac, varnish, skins, compasses, pipettes and other materials.

You can see all the goods in separate catalogue here.

To make a purchase call: +7903 789 48 48

We can also send the materials by post after payment in advance.

Call us. Our specialists will be happy to offer consulation and advice.