Master Classes

We can teach a master class on a topic you specify at a time convenient for you.

Leaf gilding master class.

This master class is our most popular, because it is very difficult to learn the ropes of leaf gilding by yourself. We suggest that you practise leaf gilding on a polyment layer, because this method is the easiest and produces the highest quality finish. You'll learn all about leaf gilding and will get to a gild an icon.

The process of laying flax-seed oil varnish.

A lot of pupils find it difficult to lay flax-seed oil varnish. This master class will help explain how it's done. We'll tell you about all the nuances of the process, the techniques, possible mistakes and how to correct them.

How to paint faces.

During this master class the teacher will help you paint one type of face (male, female, elderly, profile, full face). We'll tell you about all the nuances of painting this face, as well as possible mistakes and how to correct them.

Thin layers of paint and "dry brush" techniques

Many novice iconographers ask the question: What is the difference between these two techniques and which is better? Quite simply, the best technique is the one which you find easiest. Each technique has particular aspects, and we'll tell you about them during our master class.

We give each master class one-to-one. Each lesson lasts for 4-6 hours.

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