You can compare the painting of icons with liturgy - each action is kept in order according to canonical rules.

We try to follow ancient traditions: we don't use modern paints, only organic pigments. Mainly these consist of loam of different colors and minerals (cinnabar, lazuli, blue malachite, malachite and so on.)

Iconographers used these paints in the 15th and the 5th centuries alike. We hope our works will stand the test of time and future generations of Christians will see them.

All the icons are painted on lime-wood boards. We gild them in two layers with 24 carat gold leaf.

We never paint our icons in a hurry, because icons are painted prayers, and one shouldn't pray in a hurry. That's why it takes one, two, three months or even a year and a half to paint an icon. (It depends on its size and complexity of work).

The iconographers of our workshop paint icons according to ancient rules: Old Russian (before 15th century) and Byzantine.

You can see our icons in the "our works" section of this website. To order an icon call: +7 9037894848. We'll tell you about our prices and terms. We also offer finished icons for sale.

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